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HairLab Story

A radical idea embracing the region by its commitment to hair health! Hairlab deploys a scientific approach to diagnose hair and scalp problems and recommends customized hair care solutions to meet the distinct needs of both genders.

Healthy hair has been an essence of grace and beauty in all times.  It’s a concern equally engulfing women and men. But we face a tragic dilemma when choosing where to go to have our hair needs attended. Styling platforms are not well equipped with the right knowledge to treat and medical help is sought only in pathological state. And products on nearest market shelves are to be picked on a guess!

At Hairlab you are just three stages away from healthy hair. Wear the lab coat yourself and go through the three stages; first you will diagnose your scalp, hair and roots with the supervision of our experts, after diagnosing your hair’s nature and problems our specialist will present you with the solution from our wide range of various advanced products and not only that, as they can perform in—house treatment for you to leave Hairlab with hair healthier and shiner than ever!

The team at hairlab consists of experts well trained by finest institutes world-wide. We specialize in deploying state-of-the-art-technology to explore hair and scalp problems and are house to a wide range of expert international brands to present a tailored hair treatment for your specific needs. There’s a dedicated section for the application of these treatments in Hairlab; where there is also the opportunity to explain how the treatments work. You monitor your treatment progress by comparing the pictorial logs and reports we preserve confidentially after all treatments.

Don’t underestimate the power of technology, expertise and top of the line products all combined together in one place. Visit Hairlab and allow us to cater to your hair to look its best. 

Our Services


In depth hair and scalp analysis to correctly diagnose the problems

Damage Hair Treatments

Treatment techniques focused on rebuilding and reconstructing the structure of hair that have been damaged due to various reasons

Scalp Treatments

Scalp Treatments neutralize and balance the scalp to address specific problems. See our service menu to treatment frequency

Special Treatments

Enjoy uniqueness of special treatments at hairlab

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